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Everything you will ever need to go from 0 to advanced handstand movements such as stalder, zombie and beyond!


What are the people saying

​"Finally! An incredible programme that distils, structures, simplifies  and yet provides detailed information on multiple approaches to learn the handstands! I was blown away by the tools, the creativity of the drills and how everything is broken down and simplified"


Member of the HS Programme

"I love how I now understand the reasons behind everything I practice, it keeps me motivated and gives me confidence I am on the right track. And I could not be happier with my progress. I have simply never seen a programme where everything is explained like this, thank you"


Member of the HS Programme

​"The tools in this programme are fantastic. I loved the higher level views as well as the practical training programmes I use on a regular basis. I also enjoy the exclusive community, it's great to know someone is still out there to guide me when I need it and the challenges are fun"


Member of the HS Programme

Create your own journey with the HS Skill Tree Tool

  • Acquire a complete view of HS skill map

  • Choose your own learning paths or follow guided ones

  • Benchmark your current skills to see where you are in your Handstand journey

  • Gain knowledge of typical progression paths and how to apply variations effectively to make systematic progress

  • Unlock concepts and skills as you progress

  • Track and save your progress interactively​

Create your own journey with the HS Skill Tree Tools

Cloud-based Modern Platform

  • Everything is packed in a modern cloud-based platform providing a unified experience across all devices

  • The platform also features a personalised dashboard which acts as the hub for all the tools on the platform and tracks your progress holistically

Cloud-based Modern Platform

Training Programmes

  • Structured training programmes across all levels of experience

  • Hundreds of handstand specific exercises categorised according to HS components

  • Trainings gradually ramp up as you progress

  • Progression readiness indicators to know when it is time to advance your training

  • Fully integrated with the material in the course to explain the rationale behind each exercise

  • Embedded videos at the click of a button

  • Guiding training framework

Training Programmes

Method 2

Bottom UP Learning Method

Method 1

Top Down Learning Method